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Monday, June 11th, 2018

3/10 tracks for the new album are done. I have a working title for the album, and a loose concept/idea for the artwork. I've browsed artwork, but haven't found the right piece yet that works with my idea. As far as the music/songs, I'm working on song #4. Song #4 has probably been the toughest one for me... it's so stripped down... it's not complex in comparison to other things I've done in the past - so it can't depend on flashiness to keep attention. The parts need to be done right to keep it from getting boring, and to make sure that everything in the vocal and music works the way it should - and that it can still be engaging - even if simple and very long (this track is 12 minutes long). It's the longest track on the album. I have no plans to do any others of that length. The music is probably 90% done. The lyrics are done. I'm working on the vocal production/effects now. Once I get it sounding right, I'll track the vocal. After that, I may try to add a guitar part or two, and maybe some simple sound effects... and then that's it. Hopefully I'll have more information in the not-too-distant future. More soon! -Todd

Saturday, June 2nd, 2018

HUGE NEWS! In addition to the one song that was just finished a few days ago, TWO MORE songs are now 100% COMPLETE = DONE!
1st to reach completion: black and blue
2nd: real life
3rd: start the dream
4th: ?
The way these came together: I tried making the mix adjustments I wanted on "real life", but I didn't like the sound of it... it changed the vibe of the track too much. I decided to mess around in mastering, and the track fell right into place... It sounds awesome. :-) After that, I looked at "start the dream"... the mix already sounded amazing... absolutely no need to mess with it any more. I just finished mastering it, so it is also DONE. This mix sounds HUGE... So psyched!!! Time to head back to the studio and start thinking about the next track.
More soon! -Todd

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

SONG 1 (black and blue) = COMPLETE!!!

THE ALBUM IS OFFICIALLY UNDERWAY! I am mastering as I go as well, so that track is 100% DONE.

It's time now to move on to the rest of the album. Hopefully now that the first song is totally complete, the rest of the songs will start to fall into place. I now have a working title for the album also. I don't want to share that yet though in case it changes, but I thought of it maybe a few weeks ago or so, and the title has stuck in my head since then, which is a good sign. I'm guessing there is a good chance it will stick. Also, I now have a loose concept for what I'm going to be looking for in the artwork - inspired by the working album title, and the overall vibe of the songs/music. There are 10 tracks still intended. The track order is yet undecided...

The next track I hope to work on is "Real Life" - which is already 95% complete. I need to make some mix adjustments to it, but all intended parts are already written and recorded. The lyrics and vocals also are already finished. Hopefully it will come together well... Onward...

The Twilight Garden Live - image 03

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018


I recorded a vocal part tonight for song1 (black and blue). It is now probably 97% complete. This is the first time I have done any vocal work for The Twilight Garden in almost 5 years... I was a bit nervous about it because of that. This song had most of the vocals done in 2013 or 2014, but there was one line in the lyric that always bugged me, and I intended to replace it. It was really tough to get the right energy and the right sound - because I had to match the sound from 5 years ago when I did the vocals. Tonight, just for a single vocal line, I think I did about 60 vocal takes before I was happy with my performance. It's perfect though - exactly as I intended - and so the lyric I didn't like has been replaced with a better one, and the song inches closer to completion. I spent a bunch of time last night mixing it... I also recorded a background percussion part this evening for it. I think this song may need a few samples and possibly another background percussion part - but then it will enter the final mixing stage, and it will be FINISHED. This will be the first song I have completed 100% for the new album, and also the first new song to reach completion for The Twilight Garden since 2012 (when I finished "Hope"). I'll let you know how it goes, but with any luck this song could be done within a few days. More soon.

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018


There are currently 10 songs in the works. They are listed below in the order in which they appear on my hard disk - the order is just alphabetical according to the folder names I'm using in the computer. Here is the latest:

Song 1 (95% complete): The working title on this one is "black and blue". All of the music has been recorded... the lyrics are written and the vocals have been recorded. I want to change one small part of the lyric, so I have to re-sing one line, but other than that, this song is finished... This song is downtempo... very heavy in mood and tone.

Song 2 (85% complete): The working title on this one is "never and forever". The music on this one is done. I've been working out the lyrics on this one gradually - over the last few months. I believe the lyrics are now finally done as well. It is ready for vocals. I just need to sing it, and it's done. Downtempo - heavy in mood and tone...

Song 3 (95% complete): The working title on this one is "real life". All of the music has been recorded... the lyrics are written and the vocals have been recorded. I want to make a couple small mix adjustments, but other than that, this song is finished... This song is a bit lighter in tone and more accessible... medium tempo.

Song 4 (75% complete): No title yet - need to work on lyrics... 95% of the music is done and recorded. This song is very fast - 180 bpm - high energy and rocking... has real bass guitar... I like this one - feeling very excited for what it could become.

Song 5 (25% complete) - needs a lot of work - it's just a basic concept, but the main synth riffs are there... It's VERY beautiful - ultra atmospheric... peaceful. Sounds a tiny bit like Joy Division... very touching.

Song 6 (75% complete) - most of the music is done, and some demo lyrics are done. I'll probably rework the lyrics though - I'm not totally happy with them right now. Also, I'd like to refine the music a bit more... It has a really cool sounding chorus though. When the chorus synths come in, it really lights up the song - grinding bass and really swirly synth parts during that section.

Song 7 (25% complete) - cool synth riffs and hard hitting drums... the bass line is really cool in this one - the song needs developement though. Medium-fast tempo... danceable somewhat... It's not ready for lyrics yet...

Song 8 (25% complete) - fast aggressive electronic song - quick synth arps, and a really cool lead part... needs a lot of work though, but I'm excited about what this one will become. It's very catchy!

Song 9 (75% complete) - This song is the 12 minute long monstrosity I referred to earlier... It's nearing completion. I think I may have finished the lyrics tonight. I guess it's ready for vocals... I'd like to record a piano part and a big guitar solo thing in the outro - thinking on those parts now... This song may be the first or 2nd song to reach completion - possibly in the very near future. Song 10 might beat it to the finish line though... will see. The working title right now is "love and soul".

Song 10 (99% complete) - I think this one may be done, but I'm still thinking it over... Lyrics are done, vocals are recorded... all music is recorded - it's mixed, etc. It's medium tempo... very visual lyrics... beautiful and poetic. The music is weird - the synths pads have this strange grinding scraping character... It's a very cool track. I like it.

Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

A couple things:
1) It looks like "A World We Pretend" is going to go out of print for a while... Projekt is cleaning house, and the album has sold most of what it's going to sell. Maybe at some point in the future I'll consider making it available again, but for now, it's done.
2) Regarding progress on the new album, I've only done a small amount of work on lyrics since the last announcement - although I've been trying to get the studio ready to do vocals. Hopefully in the near future it will be ready, and the lyrics will be finalized. Then I can continue moving forward. Not a lot to share tonight, but hopefully, more soon...

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

Work on the new album is proceeding. There are currently 10 songs for it - not 9 as I previously thought. Lately, I've been working on two songs at once... I was in the studio all of yesterday evening working on these two. One of them was just a demo before - far from complete (one of the 30% songs mentioned below). That song is now probably 75% complete. The music for it is 95% done - it just needs lyrics, and I have already started on lyrics for it. This song is a monstrosity - different than anything I've ever done... epic, huge sounding, slow and atmospheric... it's like 12 1/2 minutes long... I started writing that one shortly after I first started having vertigo regularly. It comes from a pretty dark place, and it will be finished as such. It is not a hit - it will never be a hit... it's just about human experience - survival, fear... It's pretty heavy. The other song I've been working on has 95% of the music complete, and the lyrics are also 95% complete. It's medium tempo - atmospheric and poetic, but it rocks more - is very powerful and the end is really climatic. I like bringing things to a powerful climax, and this song does exactly that - working toward it gradually. Hopefully with any luck, I'll be able to do vocals for both of those tracks in the near future... and they will be DONE.
If I remember, I'll try to post a more accurate status update for each of the 10 songs soon so you can follow as things proceed. With any luck, I hope to have more news very soon!

Monday, January 29th, 2018

I posted on the TTG Facebook page asking people what they liked about The Twilight Garden... and after reading through all of your responses, I wanted to share some news. Here's my post from Facebook:
Thank you all for sharing... I want people to enjoy what I do, but unless I hear from people, I never really know if or how they enjoy it... I can make music alone for nobody if I want, but that seems selfish and self absorbed... it's an empty existence. I prefer to share my music with people - and I'm amazed and lucky that anyone in the world out there cares about what I'm doing or what I've done. Thank you all so much for that - for opening your hearts to me... I'm going to try with all that I have to do the same for you and open my heart to you as well...
With that in mind - I have some news! Over the last couple years, I've listened to the album that I was working on in 2014 (the followup to Hope)... but I never really looked through all of the the old folders in depth... until just a few days ago. I was searching through things to see EXACTLY what was there and what it would take to complete the album. I was surprised to discover that I actually wrote more material than I had previously thought. Apparently there were 8 songs! Kind of shocking to me I guess... 8 songs is pretty much enough for an album. With that, I've decided to try to finish up that album. Also, I wrote a 9th song about a month ago - it's pretty much done - I just have to sing the vocal... so the status on the next TTG album is as follows:
1 song is 100% done
2 songs are 95% done
2 songs are 75% done
4 songs are 30% done
I'm not sure how long it will take me to finish everything, but I want you to know that I intend to try to do this - starting pretty much now. I'll post either here or on the ttg website as things progress, and I'll post this message on the TTG website right now as well. Once again, thank you all so much for your feedback... I need it and appreciate it. I'll do my best to try to be as honest and expressive as I can be... even if it sometimes exposes my weaknesses... I guess art sometimes results in that whether I like it or not. I'll try to honor the energy and the sound that it seems you enjoy... I think there is some good music inside me still. Listening to some of these new songs gives me chills. I think that's a good sign.
With any luck, I will have more regular updates on The Twilight Garden moving into the future. Thank you for not forgetting about me - I know I pretty much disappeared for the last 5 years or so... so my voice may not be too loud lately, but I'm still here.


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