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Metropolis Records - The Twilight Garden's current record label
Projekt Records - Original record label for first release of "a world we pretend" (2010)
Facebook - The Twilight Garden on Facebook
Youtube - The Twilight Garden on Youtube
Vampirefreaks.com - The Twilight Garden on Vampirefreaks.com
Twitter - The Twilight Garden on Twitter
Myspace - The Twilight Garden on Myspace
Noise Radiation Studios - The studio that follows Todd Loomis wherever he may go (unless @ someone else's studio). The studio was formerly known as "Dreamrite", but apparently someone else was using that name already - so it's now NRS (Noise Radiation Studios)
Aegis Strife (aka Mario Sanchez Nevado) - Mario did the artwork for the album "Hope"
Conor Culver - The Twilight Garden band photos (as seen on the Metropolis website)
Daniel Devlicharov - Daniel did all of the art for "a world we pretend" - his photos are wonderful
Luana Silense - Luana did some of the older web art, and the original art for the demos of "a world we pretend"
Erik Highland - photographer who did some of the photos from the "a world we pretend" era
Psyonic Labs - The owner of Psyonic labs is Chris Kutz (Chris plays drums live for The Twilight Garden - he also helps with production both in studio and live. CHRIS AT PSYONICLABS MAKES ALL OF THE CABLES FOR THE TWILIGHT GARDEN, NOISE RADIATION STUDIOS, AND MANY MANY MANY OTHERS! - check out his site - he does great work!
Velvet Acid Christ - Todd Loomis was a member of Velvet Acid Christ from 2005-2009 (Lust for Blood, The Art of Breaking Apart, etc. - SEE BIO PAGE). Also, The Twilight Garden toured with Velvet Acid Christ in 2013.
Devotchka - Tom Hagerman from Devotchka played Violin and Viola on track 6 (reconcile) from the TTG album "Hope".
Tom Hagerman - Tom Hagerman from Devotchka played Violin and Viola on track 6 (reconcile) from the TTG album "Hope". Todd from TTG mixed/mastered Tom's solo album "Water Music". Todd is also working with Tom currently at Noise Radiation Studios on an upcoming album!
Voice Coil - Mark Sousa's project - Todd of TTG did the mastering at Noise Radiation Studios for Voice Coil's album "Intertial Fault"
Sweetwater Sound - Great place to buy music equipment from knowledgeable people - sales person for Todd Loomis there is Brendan Murphy (x1287)
Robb's Boulder Music - a great music shop in Todd's hometown - good selection of stuff, and good people
NRSmart - a great place to get office furniture, etc.
The Twilight Garden is now on vampirefreaks.com - check it out here:
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